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Announcement Who knows Pavel Kudrys of the old ricohforum?


Dear members,

we just heard that there was an old ricohforum which was closed a few years back. We are looking now for a way to contact the former owner of that forum (Pavel Kudrys).
Do you know him or do you know someone who might know him?

We would like to offer him to transfer the content from i.e. a backup of that old ricoh forum into the GRUF. We did these kind of imports/mergers already several times with other community forums successfully in the past. It would be sad, if all this old content would be lost now, just because nobody takes initiative.

Please contact me via PM, if you know a way to contact Pavel.

As far as I can see he has a linkedin account. But I do not have a premium membership, so I can not contact him. Someone else has a linkedin premium membership?
Dear members,

thank you for your support. Pavel registered here, thanks to a contact from another platform and sent me a PM already.

He will try to find a backup from the old forum and will come back to me then.

Thanks again for this community effort in solving this problem!
Pavel sent me the files already. Z04 Herz

I now have to look at it over the next couple of days. Since this is a very old software version with a lot of customizations, it will be not as easy as I thought. Z04 Pc5

As soon as I have more information, I will update you.

A big thank you again to Pavel to share the files. Z04 2171

Z04 Whip2 1

I was able to import the old forum at least into an old version of my forumsoftware. Because of some technical problems, that took me the whole night. I need some sleep now. It is 3:12 am here now ( I am based in Germany).

As soon as I have time, i will do the final import to the GRUF. But not before Friday. And than the work begins to integrate all threads in a meaningful way into the GRUF structure. That will take some time. Fortunately this is not a technical problem.

I will update you then about the progress.