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What's hidden in the shadows


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Both images Ricoh GRD2


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Nice ambiance in those pictures.

Have you ever used a medium format twin lens reflex, Lubitel or other ?
Yes, many years ago I have used 6x6 cameras like Rolleiflex and Hasselblad. Thanks for commenting, Alfi
Oh, much better than a Lubitel then ! I have been using a Mamiya C220 for one year. I love this camera but it’s not really the ideal one to keep unnoticed.
Yes better but they're all very big cameras. Not like a small Ricoh. I really like the square format, so the GRD2 is a good alternative even if you can't get the quality of a large negative.
What I miss is bokeh... You can't get it with a compact, especially with a wide angle lens, unless your subject is really close. Unless you simulate it, like you did for your (very nice) shots in Marseille.
Exactly! A short depth of field. I have some images at a blog-page in Swedish where I have some macro images not shot with a Ricoh but a Pentax. Can't publish them here:) Please have a look there to see the missing bokeh.
Nice photos! Well chosen processing!

I still hope that one day we will get a GRD with larger sensor than current fingernail sized one. Ideally 4/3 sensor. This would provide us enough room for playing with DOF, reasonable dynamic range and would make the contruction of such camera much easier than APS-C or full-frame sensor. As for me, I would gladly pay the price of less wide lens in favor of brighter lens. In ideal combination for me would be 40mm/f2 lens. I'm really curious about upcoming new DPs. One of them should be zoom and the other one tele-prime. And I guess it will be also brighter than current DP1 f4. It's much easier to make bright tele than bright wide lens. We will see. But I really hope Ricoh is already working on a "DP" answer ;)