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What are you doing here?


New Member
Was concentrating on the interior of some old houses and suddenly
saw this black cat staring at me as if asking: "Hey, what the hack are you doing here?"


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I went to visit my birthplace which is in Ang Siang Hill. The place has changed so much that I
couldn't recognize it except for the uphill and downhill slope. It was filled with shop houses
including a "Seven Eleven" 24 hours shop, with some modern design offices on both sides of the street.

The man was holding his companion's hand while walking up the slope and he gave me a uneasy
look while I snapped away. Keep going and make sure you take your companion with you to your destination.


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The two birds find themselves on the ground started to communicate with one another after searching in vain for food "Well I'm finding it hard to find something for breakfast". "Me too, so don't ask me what I am doing here"
answered the other bird.