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Dear GR-fans (GRists),

finally we are ready. The world's first, pure Ricoh GR forum is online as of today. Next to this English platform, we do offer the same also as an independent sister forum in German at Z04 Photos

We are proud to be able to offer all Ricoh GR fans this platform. In the past, the Ricoh GR family was well known for "street photography" and this will be visible also here in the Ricoh GR community forum. But many photographers have not realized yet, that the Ricoh GR is also a great camera for family photos and for travelling. Much better than a smartphone and still small and light enough to be always with you.

Thanks to the addition of the Ricoh GR IIIx with 40mm lens next to the "classic" Ricoh GR with 28mm lens, you have now more flexibility for your creativity. Since both have a big APS-C sized sensor, you do not need to carry anymore a big and heavy DSLRs with you. All this without having a bad conscious, because the image quality of the GR is always so good. Daumenhoch

If you have suggestions what we could improve with this forum or what sections/features to add, please post it in the section "suggestions". We will try to implement as many ideas as possible but we obviously can not promise anything.

Now it is up to you. Tell your friends and your photocommunity about us. Tell them about our English and German Ricoh GR platform.

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Participate in the forum, help newbies with their questions, show with your images what the GR is able to do and show everybody how much fun it is to use a Ricoh GR! Z04 Carrot
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