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UFRaw - any tips on using it?


New Member
After having problems getting the bundled Irodio software working on my aging computer, I have started using UFraw for my GX100 raws, but apart from a quick tutorial the documentation is fairly sparse. UFRaw has a lot of controls you can tweak, and can output 48bit tifs and PNGs for editing in other programs as well as jpegs. Is anyone else using this program? In particular I wonder what settings people are using to squash chromatic noise in GX100 raws, since I can't seem to match the in-camera JPEGs in this respect.
I'm not using ufraw but I'd recommend you try Raw Therapee. Its free to use but you should make a donation. Although it's not open source....
I'm using RawTherapee and I can say that the images I convert look better that the in-camera jpegs (esp. more dynamic range)

Get it from here:
And get this wonderful Manual: ... Manual.pdf

And don't forget to make a donation if you like it ;-)

(I know I'm off topic but I suspect hiro is looking for a cheap raw converter, so I decided to post this message anyway)