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Traditional Chinese Opera


New Member
The crowd enjoys the Chinese Opera and so do the other ethnic groups.
Saw a guy on a bicycle watching the Opera amusingly.


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    Chinese Opera #1.jpg
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From another angle showing more frontal of the stage with the artistes.


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    Chinese Opera #2.jpg
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Tonite is a full moon, the 15th day of the Lunar calendar and there is
a celebration with an Opera performance combined with dinner and suckling

This is another Opera group performing in the Whampoa housing estate tonight.
The crowd here is much smaller compared to the previous one.
The stage here is difficult to get the exposure correctly as there are lots of
florescent tubes around the stage making the contrast too high with the

Have to set exposure for the actors and sacrifice the audiences.
Am not in favour of using flash as I have to take the shots discreetly without
disturbing the audiences and the performers. This is where the black finishing
of the GX100 comes into play. The people just don't bother even to take a look
at what camera I am using. All they know is I am carrying a small little black camera.


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    Chinese Opera #3.jpg
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Interesting reading and nice photos! Is the Chinese traditional opera similar to the traditional Japanese theater Kabuki? I see some similarities, but I'm not expert in this kind of art ;)
The Peking Opera or the Kabuki Traditional Theatrical Arts are all performing Arts. These performances
are sometimes done in the streets on temporary stages made for the duration of the performances or in a proper theatre. The difference I know off is the make-up, costumes and the accompanying music.

Besides the stage I saw prayer offerings just beside the shelter where all the guests were seated. The young
man is about to bring his young son to offer prayer, "Now it's time to go and pray" he told his wife while taking
over the task of carrying the little boy in his arm.


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