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This face of mine...


New Member
Hello everybody. New to this forum and a happy GRD II owner . A few self portraits shot with this camera:

The 28mm (corresponding) is not the most suitable lens available for portraits, but the square format makes it more like a 35mm
Thanks for looking!


  • sRGB_0010585_benjamin-kanarek_desaturation-method+BW_fhdr.jpg
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  • _0010584_LAB-BW_benjsharp_fhdr_granger.jpg
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  • sRGB_0010619_LAB-BW+benjsharp_fhdr_granger.jpg
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Hello janber and welcome here! The first portrait is my favorite, although I'm not quite sure about the blue tint? The other two are not bad, but definitely not as good (in my eyes) as the first one. But maybe it's just me? ;) Thanks for sharing!

BTW, the fhdr used in your shots is the mediachance's one?
Hello odklizec, thank you for your comment! Yes you're right about fhdr. I use Dynamic-Photo HDR a lot. It's useful for more than HDR (the greenish tint). Pity the GRD doesn't support HDR photography.
Let's hope it will.
Yes, I hope so. The +-0.5 EV is definitely very limited for HDR. I have my GRD2 permanently at -0.7 and often even at -1.0. There is not enough difference with +-0.5EV BKT. And the Noise Reduction in JPEG is another limiting factor for HDR with GRD2. Hope Ricoh will do something with both problems ;) I'm glad you like the DPHDR. And I'm not telling this because I work for them ;) It just really is! There are some problems, as in any program, but I like it a lot. One can achieve some impressive results with very little effort.