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The human effects on door


New Member
Not much of a notice though but the colour combination seems visually exciting.


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    Street #6.jpg
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luis patricio":fab7a said:
yes it is a pleasant color contrast! Its an abandoned ruin or an habitated building?

The broken blue wooden door with a bowl below it seems to send out a message
that the building is habitated with perhaps a single person living there and the empty bowl
is a gesture asking for food.

However on closer look the bowl looks dirty and the interior is dark without a soul inside.
Perhaps the bowl was placed by someone to feed stray cats around that area.


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    Street #6a.jpg
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Steel door framed with naked bricks, perhaps still under construction.
The number 137 written in white must mean something. Is it the number
of the house which the door belongs to?


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    Street #10.jpg
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The tiny graffiti on the left besides the main subject provides an eye catching
contrast with the splendid design on the right side of the deep colour door.

However the main focus is being distracted with the complimentary little window
on the left side of the door. This causes tension making your eyes to move from
right to left, and then left to right again.

Do you enjoy viewing the image?


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    Street #15.jpg
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The deep pink coloured door with a glass panel does give a contrast to the inverted pinkish plastic
containers when they are found together in this empty street.
The double yellow lines indicate that no motor vehicle is allowed to do any parking, but then the
door and the discarded containers are not parking on the road isn't it?


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    Street #27.jpg
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