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A rare occurance on Skye nowadays -- although an increasing number of cottages are being thatched as holiday lets. This crofthouse is a brand new building, but will really look the part when finished in white.

The thatcher is also a graphic designer!

Cloudless sky also rare -- I find the light less than helpful


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Nice shots esp. the b/w ones.

I once visited Skye, a beautiful place! Home of Talisker whisky also, I visited the distillery ...
I like the second shot! Nice details and BW conversion.

Thatching is rare to see technique in these days, but it was widely used in not so distant past here in Slovakia. Even now it can be seen in some rural areas, but usually on some pretty old farmer houses. It may look strange to see this technique on a new house, but I like it. I would gladly live in such "natural" house ;)
Are there still people who actually make a living out of " crofting" - or is this the only way forward now?. Is it not in fact very difficult to obtain building permission for new structures as opposed to renovations?. Hopefully global warming will give Scotland a few more sunny days. Thatching still popular here for "rustic" feel. V. interesting photos-thanks for posting.
Hi uKrris

Crofting is nowadays a cool way to make a living, but requires much commitment and versatility -- now a couple needs a second or even third job. Neil in the picture will probably still do design work. He has another thatched house that he rents out. I expect he and his good lady will also have a croft and livestock.

Mustn't breach this forum's content rules any further
Don't worry nibsco! We don't have any draconian rules about content of discussions ;) It's always good to read about background of the photo, even if it's not strictly about photography.