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Street Rods


New Member
Three shots from a street rod gathering a couple of weekends ago. Terrible weather ... heavy rain ... trying to keep GX100 dry! Supposed to have been 100+ cars ... only 15 turned up and most went back home after an hour or so. I stayed 10 minutes and got wet :)


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Beautiful rendering of perspective on those machines.
You have shown the powerful coverage from the 24mm of the GX100.
Like the composition and you must have use the right angle finder for these
shots. Thanks for sharing Ircphoto.
Thanks for the nice comments forward. Actually I forgot to bring the vf so got both knees and one elbow wet as well!

The constant rain was a shame because I think the grey overcast sky works quite well with the black cars. I was getting seriously worried about how wet the GX100 was getting even though I was keeping it in my coat and just bringing it out for a few seconds to get a shot. Now a weatherproof GX/GRD ....

Regards, Roman