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Stepping out - Teachers & Pupils


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Royal Agriculural Show, Pietermaritzberg - originally named in honour of Queen Victoria. We now have our own King, Goodwill Zwethilini. There are eleven other Chiefs who are claiming to be Kings as well but I don't think they will make. :?


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    RAS-2008 Teachers&Pupils(2).jpg
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You really caught the instant ! But the image is not very sharp and seems to me overexposed and some parts (cap hoods, car, t-shirt) have been clearly been burnt up. I don't know the EXIFs but maybe a faster shutter speed would have solved this ?
Alfi thanks for comment. The shutter spead was 1/160 - which should be good enough. I try very hard not to be in any way obtrusive especially with African people as they may have religous committments ( ancestral based ) which might see the camera as interfering. This perhaps makes me want to shoot too quickly and therefore I dont actually hold the camera steady. I think I need to try setting up MY1 & MY2 for this type of photography so that there is no need to adjust- just point,click and hope for the best. The part of you comment which I don't understand is the expression " burnt up " does this mean that it is excessively overexposed to the point where it cannot be adjusted with software??. Tried once before to get an explanation for this expression on the forum but was not successful.Thanks once again - greatly appreciated ;)