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[Sell] [SOLD] FS: GR-Digital + all accessories MINT condition

For sale


New Member
For sale is a pristine, like new in box Ricoh GR-Digital. I got this camera in a trade and I don't really need it. The previous owner was a collector of sorts and I have only used it for a day. So everything is MINT. The reason for selling is that I rather put the $$ towards other items for my DSLR camera.

Heres whats included in this package:
-Ricoh GR-D
-3 Extra Batteries ( Total 4 batteries)
-B&W IR Filter (for infra-red photography)
-Sandisk 2gb card (just purchased)

Price: $700 CDN incl. 3% paypal fees and shipping anywhere.
I am located in Vancouver Island Canada and will ship anywhere in the world.
Payment by Paypal - you must be paypal verified.
Shipping by Postal EMS.
I am not a dealer, this is a private sale.

Actual photos of the equipment on my site:

Email: kj[AT]fooelse[dot]com
Re: FS: GR-Digital + all accessories MINT condition

Open to serious offers. Remember my price includes shipping, insurance and paypal fees.

Re: FS: GR-Digital + all accessories MINT condition

Well since posting, this package sold but then was returned to me. Turns out the new owner found that this camera has the adj. scroll wheel problem so I took it back. (see the bugs page). :(

I don't really want to spend the $$ for repair so I am open to any reasonable offer on the camera and package since I have no use for this camera as I shoot with DSLR.

If you are at all interested please make me an offer. I'm on Vancouver Island Canada.


edit: I'm thinking $450 paypalled and shipped since the package costs over $900US (in the States) but open to offers.
Re: FS: GR-Digital + all accessories MINT condition


Just wanted to post some more information here so I don't have to keep repeating it in emails.
Here is the history behind this camera:
I received the camera and package in a trade for a camera lens about 2 months ago. I thought I would use it but in the end I am so used to carrying around my 5D that it was hard to make that switch. So I recently sold it to a fellow in the US. When he opened the package and used it, he discovered this adj wheel problem. He didn't want to get it fixed or have it for a discount so I accepted his return. The camera and all accessories are on their way back to me. I will test everything and make sure they are in the original condition before I send it out.

Here is a link to the adj. scroll wheel problem:

For me there is no point sending the camera in for service since I don't want or need it. The camera is out of warranty period now.

As for price. I checked in the US - the creative package is selling for $899

The package I have also includes 3 extra batteries and an expensive B+W IR filter.

So $450 paypalled and shipped gets you an extremely nice package with a slightly faulty camera. I try to disclose all the information so you know exactly what you are getting. I have bought and sold lots of camera gear on FM forums under the name Kuan ( also on the broadway camera board out of Vancouver Canada.

Hope that clears things up. IF I missed anything feel free to ask.


Re: FS: GR-Digital + all accessories MINT condition

This is extremely good price for such set, even if it's a bit faulty! C'mon guys, someone get the GRD for great price! I'm sure, the Ricoh will fix the ADJ problem and it will not cost you a fortune!
Re: FS: GR-Digital + all accessories MINT condition

Is this beauty still for sale ? What would shipping costs to Holland mount up to ?
Re: FS: GR-Digital + all accessories MINT condition

Hey, I sent you a PM

I am an interested canadian buyer.