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" SMOKE-it ---you beauty " with apologies--


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-----to Kent, and my own personal favourate, the late and great Jonny Cash. This ' cello-piccolo" ( five string cello ) was made in 1707 and found trashed in a rubbish bin in Paarl, RSA. By the grace of God, the hobo who found it, instead of burning it -- Paarl is a cold place in Winter -- gave it to someone who recognised its value. It was restored over the next thirty years with bits and pieces coming from the USA and France and technical advice from Germany where only a very few of these instruments were made. They were made under the insperation of J.S. Bach, the great baroque composer specifically for his music.The performing artist in this case is Hans Huyssen, a Senior Lecturer in Music--although of course you cannot see him.
Bye the way, this is one hand, 2s timer -- knee cap support -- photography, with a lot of anxiety over the bump and grind noises that the GX100 makes.The look my wife gave me would have stopped a hundred elephants dead in their tracks.


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Chris, try to use Snap or Manual focus. This is a perfect example why you should try them. The camera is almost silent in both modes and your wife will have to find another reason why to kill you ;)