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silkypix sliders all grayed out

hello i just downloaded the trial version of silkypix to compare it to acr but for some reason i cannot move the sliders for any of the adjustments except for exposure bias. is it because it is the trial version? thats pointless because i cant do anything with just selecting from a couple pre-settings. i have tried a dng from grd2, jpeg, and tiff and all the same. thanks
thats a real bummer i've just downloaded this version too!.....argh! looks like a great program too!....wish i could afford the full version....i think i'll just have to try gimp or keep using Xnview....M
I've heard that silkypix comes bundled when you buy a pany......could this work on our Ricoh's? and is it the full version?
As far as I know, the Silkpypix bundled with Panasonic cameras is also crippled. It's definitely not a full version. But yes, even the crippled Silkypix would better than this Irodio thing ;)
thats a shame, my father in law has a pany, I was going to borrow his Silky to give it a try, I cant afford the full version so I'll keep perservering with the Gimp!
Ha!....I won't hold my breath....the pix are great!.....the compatition is tough out there!