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Silkypix ebook

Did you found the Silkypix English manual full of technical facts but not very fun (or easy) to read? So I would suggest you to see this Silkypix ebook: ... o-silkypix

It's not as technically detailed as Help. But there are many nice examples (with pictures) from real world usage and also many tips & tricks! I think it's an ideal introduction for all Silkypix novice users, definitely worth of asked price (£2.50).
Many thanks odklizec, for finding my ebook. Hopefully it serves it purpose.

By way of introduction, I've just bought a GRDII, been deliberating this one for months, but Sean Reid's latest review helped me decide. Being a Canon dSLR user for 4 years and an Olympus SLR user for 20 years, i'm intrugued by the GRDII.

OK, so its not a 1Ds or 5D, but its very discrete sketchbook which suits my needs perfectly.

Being new to this forum, I apologise if I've gone a bit off topic, but its great to be here and I look forard to posting over the coming months.

Back on topic, i've also created two 18 taste collections for Silkypix; Film and Classic.

Hey John! Welcome at RicohForum! It's nice to see you here! Your ebook is a must for anyone starting with SilkyPix. Hope to see some your Silkypix comments and hints in this section or elsewhere on RicohForum. This section is very fresh and it definitely requires some comments from expert like you! ;)

I'm also a DSLR user. But I found the GRD to be a very capable camera, mainly in RAW. One cannot play with blurred background and the dynamic range is rather small. But it perfectly slips into pocket and it's ready for action anytime my DSLR cannot be with me (which is almost every single day) ;)
Much gratitude, Odklizec, for providing this info. For a person who is as raw as I am to this dig pic world this is very useful stuff. I have bought a copy of John Nevill's e-Book on SilkyPix - a lot of dilligent work has gone into this. Great value for money. I would have paid him five times as much. Now, I just have to find a supplier for SilkyPix in my part of the woods.
You are welcome uKrris! Yeah, this John's book is great. He did a great job on it and asks very little in return. BTW, there should be a link on Silkypix page targeting to an international Silkypix seller.
Glady I remember this post. So I bought the ebook too :D

Maybe a great opportunity to studie this while recovering from my knee surgery ;-)
As well as he lets me sit at the computer... which he has not, so far... :roll:
I use GIMP and RAW THERAPEE on my home computer.
I wanted to install them on my netbook.
But RAW THEREPEE need 2Mo memory so I can't.
Do you kow how much memory SILKYPIX needs?
And can you tell me if SILKYPIX is free as GIMP?
Hi Gyl,

No, I'm afraid Silkypix is not free. It's paid program like Lightroom. I'm not sure what you mean with "RAW THEREPEE need 2Mo memory so I can't"? You mean 2GB of RAM? Well, although there is probably no memory limit build in the Silkypix installer, I would not recommend to use it with less than 2GB or even better 4GB of RAM. Even the RT will not run very smoothly with less than 4GB of RAM and powerful CPU. RAW editing is simply power hungry hobby ;)
Yes Pavel... some one speak about octets... some one speak about bytes... not easy to understand!
So I just have GIMP 2.6 on my netbook, and no one to use RAW; not Raw Therapy and no one else.