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Sigma DP1 available in March

It looks that Sigma finally finished their long awaited DP1 with planned availability during Spring 2008!

However, the final specs seems to be rather disappointing. After lens starting at F4, it got another drawback in form of max ISO800. Maybe it's just me, but F4 and max ISO800 (not to mention max Auto ISO200) sounds like a serious deal breaker? What is the point of APSC sensor if not clean high ISO? I'm sure, we will soon see what is the real DP1 performance.
That certainly wouldn't have affected my decision to get the GRDII recently. F4 on a 28mm equiv? Is that because they can't squeeze a lens that's sharp into the corners on a larger sensor into the small form-factor?
Most probably. I think the main reason for F4 in DP1 is corner shading and possibly unsharp edges at bigger apertures. This is why I think the 4/3 or even 2/3 sensor would be much better solution for compact sized camera of DP1 style. The size of lens and max aperture would be a problem even with these significantly smaller sensors. But I'm sure, it would be much easier to design reasonabale sharp and bright lens for 4/3 or 2/3 in DP1 form factor, than for APS-C.
I personaly think a 35mm DP1 with a brighter lens would bebetter, even though I bet it wouldnt be much brighter. Would have been a digital Minox/plympus xa class camera, especially with thedistance dail!

I also do think that something between 2/3 and 1/1.8 is the perfect size for pocketable cameras. 4/3 would also be too large (has anybody seen the promised small 4/3 lenses?)
I have to say I was keen as mustard about the DP-1 when it was first touted all that time ago. Now it's (almost) out, and the specs have definitely settled to what they are... I'm glad that it does not offer the same flexibility as the GRD2 or GX100 (image quality of course is yet to be proven). Why? Because it just makes my decision so much easier to be able to quickly eliminate the DP-1 from the equation! Too many compromises, even though I think it is hugely commendable to have an APS-C in compact form. Just not quite compact enough & not quite fast enough to make it truly as useful as the Ricohs, despite whatever improvement in image quality it might bring to the table.
I really hope to borrow a sample DP1 unit to test and compare with GRDII. I don't have any clue how, where and when. But I will desperately try to get one ;)
If Sigma is convinced of their camara, they should send you a sample! Wouldnt a positive review in a Ricoh Forum be the best advertising? (And they could always blame you to be biased just in case the review is bad , so no risks for Sigma ;-)