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Selfmade viewfinder for GRD


New Member

as viewfinders from Ricoh, Voigtländer, Leica etc. are often expensive and I was looking for a cheap way to figure out if such a viewfinder is useful for me or not, I bought an old pocket camera for film on ebay which had a 28mm lens, smashed the camera and screwed the viewfinder on the hotshoe cap of the GRD. Total cost was less than 10$ including shipping costs.
This is what it looks like:

It's maybe not the best, but it's clear, small and doesn't interfere with the internal flash. With a little training, you can also achieve a good matching between viewfinder view and resulting image, even without a lightframe.
Anyway, if you're intended to use the viewfinder primarily, you should invest some more money in one of the originals, mentioned above. I use it just in exceptional cases.
if you could, please explain how you screwed the viewfinder on top of the grd. maybe some more pictures of it. i am trying to do what you did but the viewfinder i got off a cheap disposable doesnt have a screw its just a box.

thanks :cool:

I'm also interested in how this was made and from which parts?

I just got a used GRD and getting an external ricoh viewfinder would be almost the price of my GRD. this looks like decent alternative.