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Sean Reid just published Canon G9 review!

Hi folks! Sean Reid just published Canon G9 review! Although this new Sean's review is not directly Ricoh related, it's worth reading, mainly if you are still undecided, which camera is the best possible choice for you.

In this review, Sean compares G9 performance both with GRDII and GX100 (RAW noise, chromatic aberration, image distortion, corner sharpness). Because Sean's reviews are paid, I can neither reproduce it here nor reveal too much details. But I think it would be OK to tell you that GRDII beat both G9 and GX100 in noise and chromatic aberration test (even with attached GT-1) and also in the lens distortion test. But of course, many photographers prefer versatility of zoom lens even at a cost of some image image degradation caused by zoom lens construction.

If you are deciding between G9, GRDII or GX100, don't miss this Sean's review! The subscription to Sean's site is definitely worth of what you will get!
For this free ad, I'm sure sean wouldn't mind if you drop another word or two on GX100 vs G9 ;-) (especially noise)
What would you want to know? The GX100 and G9 noise performance is very similar, maybe a tiny bit better in case of GX100. But GRD2 outperforms both GX100 and GRD2. The color noise can be best cleaned in GRD2 shots..wide gap..then in GX100 shots, closely followed by G9.

Just between us, people are too obsessed by pixel peeping! ;) The only reason why I'm posting all these 100% crops in my tests, is that people want to see them. But in my humble opinion, the noise is an important part of the photo and eliminating it destroys the special look and feel of the photo. I showed some of my latest carnival shots to a friend of mine and you know what? He best liked the late evening shots taken at ISO400 and with a lot of visible noise!
Right, pixel peeping is complete nonsense, I just wanted to know if canon was able to do any "miracles", but it looks like the laws of physics also apply to them ;-)
Definitely no miracles here ;) But you know, Sean is comparing RAW files and also my latest tests are based of RAW conversions. There may be significant differences comparing the out of camera JPEGs form all three cameras. Canon is traditionally very good in JPEG processing. So I wouldn't be surprised if the G9 would show better (though noisier) details in high ISO JPEG shots, than let's say GRDII. As we all know, GRDII JPEG is currently affected by a heavy NR. This is why I'm recommending anyone seriously interested in GRDII to use RAW.
I'm always using raw with my GX100, and I think most people who are interested in this class of compacts will use raw very often.
So jpeg is not really interesting for me (maybe this would change with better in camera processing and features like sonys dynamik range optimizer...)
I agree that people can get too obsessed by noise and pixel peeping. I was just looking at a 3000x2000 scan of one of my old 35mm negs (200 ISO) today. 1:1 on my computer monitor, the grain in the cloudy sky looks horrendous, the speckling of random colours in what should be neutral grey rain clouds is much worse than the chromatic noise I get with a digital compact. Yet a poster print of this image (30x20") has hung on my wall for some years now and looks very fine.