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Seafood & Wine Festival

Hello Fishric, What kind of wine are used in this Seafood & Wine Festival.
The forum allows us to learn more across different cultures in different
countries. Thanks for sharing your images.
Hello Forward,
Thankyou for your interest, our climate in this part of England allows a good variety of grapes for a well established wine industry, some samples are ready for tasting in the first picture.
We also have a well preserved fishing quarter with it's unique black net sheds and certificates for sustainable and eco friendly fishing methods.
Regards, Richard F.


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Thanks for sharing those pictures Richard. The first thing that catches my eye is the colour
of the sunshade tent. Here in Singapore the sunshade tents are almost all the time red in colour
making it warm and under the hot humid climate. Plenty of electric fans are often installed all
around the tents. Perhaps it will be long time for the people to change the colour of the
tent to green instead of red. They must have their own reasons for not using green.

The thin and slim looking wine bottles are unique and so are the cocks used. Must be pretty
cold at this moment in your place.