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scanned instruction manuals for film cameras

Thanks! Great link!

I just bought a Minolta XG-M on e-bay. Still waiting for it...
You can find amazing deals for film cameras nowdays (oh... and manual lenses too...)
Just saw a Nikon F80 beeing sold for 55€... This is a great camera for film...(I have one) 55€ is a real bargain...

Oh well... kind of nostalgic... -Started shooting with a K1000 and I miss that shutter sound...

How many of you guys are still doing film?
I've never seriously used film cameras, except some P&S. But after reading this site.. I'm now seriously considering getting one of these Ricoh cult cameras. Sure, it would be very limiting to use only about 36 frames films, not knowing if the images are OK until you shoot entire film and you will also have to wait for film processing (if you are not an old school photographer with complete photo laboratory). But I think it could be a fun? I personally know several photographers who still uses "camera obscura". And these GR film cameras seems to be a very serious photographic tools. In addition, it would be nice to have both GR film and GR digital? I will probably get one ;)
joao731":eebf9 said:
How many of you guys are still doing film?

I just sold all of my Canon FD equipment. I had very good lenses like the canon nfd 135mm f/2.0, the canon fd 35mm f/2.8 tilt&shift etc. but I don't have time right now to process the films and scan each single frame. I still have some films in the fridge and am thinking about pinhole camera projects, but I also sold my filmscanner :?

Before the FD set I was using the analog eos-1(n,v) series with L-lenses, but I decided to swith to FD because I don't really needed AF and the FD lenses and cameras are way cheaper.

I still have a Pentax MX and some time ago I ordered the Pentax K10D DSLR, which is pretended as one of the best prosumer DSLRs, but when I compared the viewinder view of the K10D with the Pentax MX viewfinder, I just put the DSLR into the box and sent it back.
There's no doubt about the good image quality of today's prosumer DSLR cameras, but in my opinion there's a huge deficit of fun, when photographing, compared to the feel of analog SLRs. After this experience I decided to explore the possibilities of my GRD and maybe I will get a DSLR when the full-frame sensors will be available not only in pro-DSLRs or when the manufacturers manage it to deliver the same huge viewfinder picture as in analog SLRs. It's a shame.
I have used a great deal of film cameras, anything from Minolta to Nikon to Leica. I still use an F3 every now and then, with a 1.4/50 (great lens). Here´s my list of favourites:
Konica Hexar AF - because of the superb 2/35 lens, oh what a camera
Leica M3 - build quality, rangefinder feeling
Minolta XE-5 - build quality, great camera
nikon F2 and F3
Rolleiflex 2.8 Planar
Bronica RF645 - this is a great medium format with a superb flash system
contax TVS

Nowadays, it's mainly digital with a GX100 and a D100. But if I had a good lab close by, I would be using film more. it forces you to think more about how you take your pics, isn't it ?