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Ricoh XR7 Metering issue


New Member
Hi there,
I am new to this board and also new to my manual Ricoh XR7. I am taking a class on manual photography right now and don't understand the metering on my camera. I see a line of numbers on the right side of the viewfinder and they have a plus and minus sign on the top of them. There is also an orange bar next to the numbers. THe numbers are the same as the shutter speed settings on my camera. There is a bar that moves up and down the numbers as I move the camera around to different objects. At times there is an arrow that points up at the top of the number and points down at the bottom of hte numbers. At times these arrows blink. From what little info I can find online I should move my Fstop until the arrows at top or bottom stop blinking. However, #1 what do I do if they never stop blinking, #2 if the arrow is pointing up should I move my Fstop to a larger number or smaller? #3 what should the dial(with all the shuuter speed numbers) be set to in order to read the metering stuff? and #4 am I even understanding those directions correctly? If anyone could help me out and explain this whole process in very simple non technical terms that would a huge help and relief on my part.
The project for school is to set my aperture for each photo by what my meter tells me to set it at. I thought that this meant the bar on the viewfinder would tell me exactly which Fstop to use but again the numbers listed are actually hte shutter speeds.

Thank you SO much!