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Ricoh R8 and R50 officially announced

After few days of speculations and leaked informations and photos, Ricoh just today announced two new cameras. An awaited R8 and somewhat unexpected R50.

Ricoh Caplio R8
The first and I think the most noticeable difference is completely redesigned R8 body, which is designed to match the GRD/GX100 style and look. There is even a small rugged grip for easier handling. Offered color combinations are now very conservative (unlike the orange R7;) but in my opinion, very stylish and classy. The basic body colors are black and silver + dark gray.

Basic specifications:
CCD: 10MP (size 1/2.3")
Zoom lens: 28 - 200mm, F3.3 - 5.2
LCD: 2.7" TFT - 460k pixels
Dimensions: 102.0 mm(W)x 58.3 mm(H) x 26.1 mm (22.6 mm at the thinnest part) (D) (excluding projecting parts), weight 168 g
Number of photos per charge (DB-70): 270 shots (based of CIPA)
SDHC compatible (up to 8GB)
Built-in memory 24MB

Scene button is now replaced with mode dial containing Automatic mode, My1, My2, Video and Scene mode switch. Unfortunately, no A/P/M modes.
R8 got the same 1:1 aspect ratio as is known from GRD/GX100. Images taken in 1:1 aspect ratio uses 7MPs of R8 sensor.
High 460k resolution LCD now allows to display 20 thumbnails (instead of 12 in R7) and it could significantly help with manual focusing.
R8 adopted "smooth engine III" from R7 with some refinements regarding the color balance at high ISO. The images at high ISO should have the same or very similar tonal balance as on lower ISO.
Speed of lens zoom is now controlled by the angle of zoom lever. Previously, it has to be set via camera menu.
Additionally, there is one-step preview enlarge (known from GRD/GX100), which zooms the image preview directly to 8x zoom.
There is also new color bracketing mode allowing to take color, black&white and sepia image.
New "Fix Minimum Aperture" function - this rather "cryptic" function should allow to set the R8 aperture to its smallest size to maximize depth of field. I'm curious about this feature, because very small aperture usually means problems with diffraction. We will see how does it work in R8.
Camera neck strap can be now attached via two strap holes. Unfortunately, these strap holes are not positioned in left and right-top camera corners, to allow the horizontal hanging of the camera.

Here you can download the brochure with all details about new features and improvements over R7:

Ricoh Caplio R50
R50 is rather basic 5x zoom 10MP model, which adopted the R7 look and very compact body.

Basic specifications:
CCD: 10MP (size 1/2.3")
Zoom lens: 36 - 180mm, F3.5 - 5.6
LCD: 2.5" TFT - 230k pixels
Dimensions: 97.3 mm (W)x56.3 mm (H)x23.4 mm (D), minimum of 22.4 mm not including protruding parts
Number of photos per charge (DB-80): 220 shots (based of CIPA)
SDHC compatible (up to 8GB)
Built-in memory 52MB

Here you can download the brochure with some basic facts about new R50:


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