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Ricoh GR PDF manuals (GR1, GR1s, GR1v, GR10, GR21)

For those interested in GR analog cameras, here are PDF (scanned) manuals for these classic film cameras (big thanks to Ricoh Support and Michael Butkus!).


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Mike is a great guy. I've sent him some old manuals that I come across from time to time for adding to his library. I still keep trying to find a Nikon S3 (or S3-2000) manual for me. I've offered to stitch together a document from scans to two owners but never got the pages. That's for another forum.

In the earlier days of Internet having manuals that you could down load was a why I measured if a company got the idea of what the internet was for or not. Great to see Ricoh Support helped out, they are a great division of a good company.

Nabritta, it's as easy a printing out on a Macintosh and saving the output to PDF format, native to the OS. You can purchase Adobe Writer for a Windows box to do the same thing. There are a few freeware utilities out there, used on at Orbitz for internal work but I can not remember the name. Happy to take a swing at it for you from my Mac if you need/like. I have office 2004 (2003 in windows world). Writer goes into your system and adds it self as a printer so it uses your native applications to drive the printing just to a different printing device (disk space). Let me know if I can help.

B2 (;->