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Ricoh fixed my Firmware Problem but broke the macro button.


New Member

I just would like to post my experience with Ricoh service. Yesterday my GRD came back from service. The reason why I sent it in was the Firmware problem, mentioned here:

I also had some dust spots in my pictures and the rubber grip came off. Ricoh exchanged the lens and fixed the other problems, but unfortunately the macro button (arrow-down-button) doesn´t work anymore, wether in the menu, nor to set macro :|

This means, the camera is going to service again. This time, the shipping to Ricoh will be for free. And they promised me an accelerated service because of the second time, the camera is in. I just want to use my GRD again :cry:
Hope you will have your camera back as soon as possible! The service man who disassembled your GRD probably forgot to connect something back or broke the "Down" button connector.