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RAW + B&W Confusion


New Member
Ok, I must admit, I'm not quite sure what's supposed to happen, but when I shoot B&W in RAW mode on my GRD2, I see the pic in B&W, as intended (it's really the secondary JPG file that's in B&W, right?). Then I grab the card and import the pix into Lightroom and I end up only with the color version of the picture. I would expect to see the B&W rendition, same as on the camera. I was under the impression that the B&W settings were also stored in the DNG file. Is Lightroom not doing something it should, or is it me who's terminally confused here? Up until now, I was not trying to shoot much RAW with GRD1, because it took forever. The GRD2's RAW speed is giving me encouragement, but obviously, I'm missing something here... but what? :oops:
KaRoy, the RAW is always in color. RAW is just (should be) untouched information taken from camera sensor and stored as is without any kind of PP. This is the meaning of RAW. Even if you set all JPEG settings to 0 or -2 (or NR to OFF), there is still applied some SW sharpening or noise reduction on JPEG, while the RAW should stay just raw information. It's good, because you can always create BW from RAW, but you would hardly reconstruct color information from BW file ;)
So, of course, you're right about how RAW is supposed to be. However, more to the point, I've figured it out that in LR, you have to turn on an Import setting in Preferences to have the corresponding JPG for a given RAW copied along with its 'master'. Now, I get to have my cake and... well, you know.
What's interesting about this process is that you get to have the GRD's 'take' on what your B&W intentions were and you still get to mess with the original. It turns out, I like it like this.