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Problem with disappearing camera menu/status info/grid

This problem is rare to see, but I finally found the reproducible steps. I'm not sure about initial GRD2 firmware version 1.11, but it's pretty reproducible with the latest 1.12.

Turn the camera ON and switch it to "M" mode.
Switch the camera to LCD OFF mode (using the Disp button).
Turn the camera OFF.
Turn the camera ON >> if you have the "Info Disp" ON the camera status info will shortly be displayed. Otherwise the camera starts with blank screen.

Now here is the important part!

Without clicking any button, scrolling the wheel/lever or anything else, half press the shutter button to make the camera focus.
Then release the shutter and press the "Disp" button to turn the LCD ON. The LCD is now turned ON, however, there is no status info, histogram or GRID displayed! You can repeatedly click the Disp button until the LCD is again turned to OFF but there is only blank preview screen displayed!
While you have the LCD turned ON (after all above steps), there is not even a chance to enable the camera Menu (pressing the "Menu/OK" button).

The quick fix of the above problem is to turn the LCD again to OFF, press the "Menu/OK" button and the camera menu is now correctly displayed. If you now turn the LCD to any other ON mode, the status info and grid is now correctly displayed. Another solution is to turn the camera OFF/ON and open the menu or switch LCD prior to pressing the shutter button.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior either with FW 1.11 or the actual 1.12? Thanks!
Thanks for the confirmation d-y-k! I already forwarded this issue to Ricoh. Hope they will fix it in next FW ;)