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Passage (ISO 1600)

This is a GRDII ISO1600 shot processed with Silkypix (DNG to Tiff) and NoiseNinja (to suppress the color noise). Added some grain with color based sharpening. There is also a B&W version, but this time, I think the color underlines the cold atmosphere better?


  • R0012113_1600_filtered_pb.jpg
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  • R0012113_1600_filtered_pb_bw.jpg
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Whilst i generaly prefere B+W pix to colour i agree with you here, the cool colours set the mood well. i really like the jaunty angle of the shot and the person oppisite you is like a ghost watching your every move!......a spooky picture with lots of atmosphere! im not sure i like the grain though, a bit too noisy for me but a great shot!
Hi Mark and thanks for comment! Yes, it's noisy and this is why I like it ;) I have also a less noisy version, but it's not that atmospheric. The angle and composition was just a matter of a luck, because I did not framed it! I just walked over the platform with camera hanged on my wrist and just pressed the shutter from time to for spying ;)
keep up the good work...over here in england we need more "spies"....esp when the sun comes out! ;) ;) ;) , at the moment all the beautiful people are hiding!