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on the hill


New Member
taken over the new year period, in cold and damp northern england.......comments or suggestions plz


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Mark, I would try crop a bit of the sky and ground. Maybe the 3:2 or 16:9 would work better in this shot? Also, I would try to remove some of the haze and increase contrast. PSP has a nice clarify function for dehazing. But you can try to remove it also by using USM sharpening (see some theory here).

Here are two my quick attempts..hope you don't mind I touched your photo? ;) The result is not as nice as it could be after editing the full resolution original. And I'm sure, that there could be extracted some more dramatic sky from the full resolution photo!


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thanks Pavel!...the crop is much better...why did'nt i see this when i post processed the foto the first time? for the rest...i only use cant really comment on everything else you said but i'm sure you are right....i really like the b+w but i think i still prefere the toned pic ....if you know northern england i think you would understand....all the best M