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November 07 - Voting Thread

Please, select the photo you like best..

  • paul - "Ramsey" - GRD

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • andysnap - "morning sky scarborough" - R6

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • lrcphoto - "Barbed wire fence at sunset" - GX100

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • Marky - "London underground" - GX100

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • leews2001 - "The Garden Revisited" - GRD

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • pung - "Paris" - GRD

    Votes: 7 26.9%
  • oddridge - "Very still fly in Norfolk sunlight" - GX100

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • bertalan - "July Storm" - GX100

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • lensman - "A misty day near home" - GX8

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • silvio - Arabian artist" - GX100

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • forward - "Orchard Road at 9.15pm" - GX100

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kamil - "Eye" - GRD

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • wouter - "The Giants are here" - GX100

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • tommy - "Spiderset" - R6

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • VladimirV - "Pusteblume" - GRD

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • fishric - "Boat" - GRD

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • wouter v oosterhout - "Girl in Light" - GX100

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Another contest is behind us. Well done guys!

The voting will be open next 7 days and you can change your vote if you want. In case of too low number of votes, I reserve the right to select the winner myself. Please, be fair and vote for competitor's photo! ;) Thank you!

NOVEMBER 07 contest photos:
paul - "Ramsey" - GRD

andysnap - "morning sky scarborough" - R6

lrcphoto - "Barbed wire fence at sunset" - GX100

Marky - "London underground" - GX100

leews2001 - "The Garden Revisited" - GRD

pung - "Paris" - GRD

oddridge - "Very still fly in Norfolk sunlight" - GX100

bertalan - "July Storm" - GX100

lensman - "A misty day near home" - GX8

silvio - Arabian artist" - GX100

forward - "Orchard Road at 9.15pm" - GX100

Kamil - "Eye" - GRD

wouter - "The Giants are here" - GX100

tommy - "Spiderset" - R6

VladimirV - "Pusteblume" - GRD

fishric - "Boat" - GRD

wouter v oosterhout - "Girl in Light" - GX100
Guys, I think it would be nice to write something about your votes? What caught your eye on the voted photo and maybe also about other contest photos too? So let's start with me..

This month was really hard to select the best photo, because of mix of subjects and themes. This is why I like more the clearly defined themes ;) I had several favorites this month, but the Pung's photo was the one, which draws my attention each time I go over the gallery. I like the subject, colors and composition, which I suppose was a lucky snap without a precise composition? This makes the shot even more valuable.

From my personal group of other "winners" I would mention also the leews' infrared dream world (great processing as always), Silvio's Arabian artist (nice study of working man) and fishric's Boat (nice composition and processing).

Well done guys!

Just one thing for future contests. Be careful about contest rules guys! The photos should be attached in your contest post (not linked from outside), and MUST contain EXIF! Unfortunately, because of missing exif I had to exclude one photo form this month contest. So please, be careful about it! I usually check the posted photos before end of contest and contact the authors with a problem in their posted photos. But this month I was too busy to check them all.
Hi Pavel, thats a good idea! at least the contest doesn't just end with voting!

Here is my take...

My winner is Wouter's "The Giants are here". Simply love the three areas in the picture:
-the top with the fractal beauty of the branches, that combs apart.
- the middle area that gives a sense of distance (the two rows of trunks+the whitening out+ the two figures!!!)
- the bottom, the random-like texture ground but structured by the long contrasting shadows...
Guess in the end the picture got my vote because it made me wish i was there to see the scene. Pity its not shot on medium format!! would be a beautiful large print!

Another favorite is lensman's "A Misty Day Near Home", the mist of the scene is well portray by shooting in the direction of the sun. Again, it gives the "i wish i was there" feel. nice!

VladimirV's "Pusteblume" is another favorite. a beautiful idea and composition. it gives a soothing feeling by just staring at it. i do not know why :)
Pavel, this is indeed a good thing and I always wanted to comment on my choice especially as I brought this up in a thread before but I never came to it.

I chose the picture "The Giants are here" as I like the composition and the exposure is spot on. I love the way there are 2 people in the background and you can see the sun shining through the trees and the shadows it draws. I am a big fan of b&w photos and this one really benefits from being b&w as it would not be the same in color.

I also like the "Boat" and think this would make a great print to hang on the wall. Other favorites include "July Storm" and Barbed wire fance at sunset" for the very nice colors and light captured. "The Garden Revisited" is very nice indeed as all of leews2001's pictures I've seen but I am not big into the infrared photography and would love to see this shot in color. I definitely like the mood in there, same goes for "A misty day near home".

Not a easy decision and I wish I could vote for more than one photo.
I agree with the previous posters that I think it is a good idea to add some additional info to the selected image. The quality of all the images is very high and I have many favorites. For instance:
Ramsey by paul; great B&W image with well captured skintextures. Contrasty and dark.
Barbed wire fence at sunset by lrcphoto; Beautiful composition and fantastic sunset.
Paris by pung; contrasty image with unusual perspective.
Eye by Kamil; the sharpness, patterns and textures are incredible. The lensreflection pulls you in the image.
Pusteblume by VladimirV; who says small sized cams can't produce beautiful bokeh. I would call it sunsetflower. Beautiful colors and fine lightning.
Boat by fishric; excellent composition. Very contrasty, with good blacks like a B&W images should be.

But my favorite images is The Garden Revisited by leews2001; the excellent framing with the tree on the right. The tonality and lightning are fantastic. There is so much to observe in this image. I can look hours at this image. My big fave.
Well, I'm one of these weird people who prefer colour to B&W, and most of my favourite photos are rather dark, so I'm picking "Barbed Wire Fence At Sunset". I usually decide by which one I would want hanging on the wall in my dungeon.
I agree it's hard to pick one picture to vote for. Many pictures are good in different ways, and I would probably pick a different picture on different days, depending on what mood I was in.

My final pick stands between: "The Giants are here", "Ramsey" and "The Garden Revisited".

The Giants are here
This is the one I choose (today) because it is the one that moves me the most, and it has very interesting light and shadows.

The Garden Revisited
Fantastic mood. The place looks magic. The only thing I would object to in this picture is the half-circular light shape (a sign or something) in the right, that looks out of place to me. I'm sorry I can't vote for this picture too.

This picture definitely holds my eye. I can look at it for an extended amount of time without feeling bored. But it doesn't make me feel as much as "The Giants are here". At first I felt a little worried, because I thought the man looked disturbed, but after a while I thought he looks very neutral.

I also like "A misty day near home", mostly for its mood, but I think I would have liked it even more if it was not so flat. To explain how I mean, in "Barbed wire fence at sunset" there's a foreground fence, a middleground field and background trees.

I like the colors in "Arabian artist" and it looks like a nice place to be in, the picture is nicely framed, and the artist looks totally unaware of the camera and very concentrated on what he's doing.

Like leews2001 I also don't know why I get a kind of fuzzy feeling for "Pusteblume", but I like it. It's simple and catchy. When I see it I think how would it look if it was more abstract, more "perfect" and symmetric.

When I first saw "Eye" I thought Wow! But then the "inwards" reflection of the eye lashes started to disturb me. It makes me feel like the lens is eaten by a monster. But I think the lens-pupil is a marvelous idea.

In the "Paris" picture I enjoy how the woman seems to push the wheel with her hand, but the whole picture is too strange for me; I even think it frightens me a bit. I don't like the way the man is lying on the lawn, and that the woman's head is cut off, and the shadow that is following her. So the picture is certainly making a strong impact on me. :)

I like the colors, light and middleground in "Barbed wire fence at sunset". Most I like the idea of the sun burning off the wire (intentional or not). I also think barbed wire makes a very good silhouette.

I like the limited color palette in "Very still fly in Norfolk sunlight", and the framing and the level of detail on the fly's feet. Perhaps the picture is a bit on the boring side. The fly is not only very still; it also has no plans of doing anything soon, it seams. A bit of story or just a piece of context could perhaps make the picture more interesting. I imagine the skull of some dead animal in the background.

I wish I had the energy to say something about every picture. The ones I have picked are the ones that made me think of something, which probably reveals more about me than about the pictures...

I´ll try to write something to the pictures which technically or emotionally catched my attention:

Ramsey: It has a good contrast and texture, but for me one of the most important things in a portrait are the eyes. These are missing here completeley. That makes the man look like a ghost.

The Garden Revisited: I think, the point of this picture is the painting-like style with the dramatic lighting. What I´m missing here is a stronger eye-catching subject in the middle. The actual picture looks a little bit like an expensive frame without content.

Paris: The colors of the environment are strong and great. Especially the gradient in the sky helps to make the composition closed, but there are also many things that are disturbing like the shadow of the person which is following the woman and the cut-off of the woman´s shadow. I like, that the picture is full of geometry in contrast to the female curves, but in the end I "just" see a woman, making a call with her cell phone. The last thing bored me a bit.

Very still fly in Norfolk sunlight: Although it´s a good composed shot with matching colors and a good focus, I personally am no fan of any kind of animal macro shots. But technically, it´s great work.

The Giants are here: The composition is classically harmonious and the monochrome look matches the season. The reason, why I didn´t vote for this one is, that I´m surrounded here by such a kind of environment and the picture doesn´t exactly represent the feeling I have when walking through the woods.

Pusteblume: Classical idea, good color, good exposure but for me it´s too centered.

Boat: This is the one, I voted. The reasons are the following: Although it´s monochrome and the content is rather cold, the light and postprocessing give the picture a very warm feel. It´s a sunset/sunrise shot without containing the sun itself. And I like the bird on the boat, looking at the sun.

I would like to point out that none of the mentioned pictures is a bad one. The differences in quality are rather small and so it´s hard to give the vote to only one of them.
Me and tommy must have similar photo tastes :) - my top 3 were also ramsey, giants and garden.

A very difficult decision but in the end (after changing my vote a couple of times before submitting) I chose ramsey. The cropping, stark background, tonality, and the man's face itself make for a great character portrait.

The problem this month was such varied subjects - its impossible to say (for example) that ramsey is a better photo than garden. Many of this month's shots I'd be happy to stick on my wall, but since we have to vote for one ...

Regards, Roman
i like them all, great work everyone.
but i must say, for me, there is something special about the images taken with the grd!
I Have a really hard time writing about photography... errr... "One image is worth a thousand words..."

I Like Pauls Photo. Would happily vote for others but I can only Choose one... :)
And the winner is.. Pung with his "Paris" shot. Congratulations Pung!

And congratulations to all who participated! This month was really hard to select the best one. Next time I will allow voting for at least 3 different images per single voter. This should make the voting even more interesting and dynamic ;)
odklizec":s3bl53jj said:
Next time I will allow voting for at least 3 different images per single voter. This should make the voting even more interesting and dynamic ;)

Well done pung! the legs! just glad someone voted for me this time! i'll keep trying harder....i could not decide which picture i liked the most so i did not vote this was so hard!...well done to everyone who posted!
Mark, this month and all following contests wold be easier for voters. I will allow to vote for multiple images (let's say 3 photos?). I think it will make the voting more interesting and dynamic?