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Nightscape 2 . GX100

luis patricio

New Member
Recipe: Full moon nights, After 11PM, Lantern (to use it if moon fails), Tripod, Manual Exposure 30sec f/2.5 ISO80, RAW, Warm cloths, Patience, LR development.


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hey Luis...great shots!...and a pleasure to see colour pix...i expected to see b+w! and all taken after 11pm!......fantastic blues! i like shot no2, 2 questions....(1)what is the little box on the right in the rocks?..did you notice it?..
(2).....where do you get your patience.....i cant find it on ebay?....ok...only joking about the last question....well done fab pix
hey!!!!!!!....i just saw your shots on the other web names mentioned!(whispers DPreview lol).....the first shot you posted there is amazing!....i love the clouds!!!!!!! AMAZING pic! inspiratoin to us all Luis!.....10outta10! glad you took a holiday and got to enjoy it and showed us what we should be doing with our babies........FANTASTIC!!!!!!!