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MS Word into pdf


New Member
How do you convert a MS Word document into pdf?
Any link from the web would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Im not sure if you can do it directly in the latest versions of msOffice, search for something like: Export to Pdf, Save as Pdf, Create Pdf, etc. If you dont find anythig related to pdf you will have to install a PDF "Printer", then select the Pdf printer in the printer menu, and "print" your document to pdf.
You can use PDFCreator, its free:

I use OpenOffice, it's a free "office" suite and among many other things you can directly create pdf files of your documents.
Yes, OpenOffice is a good choice. It open/save word and excel files and as Luis mentioned, can export to PDF.
Hi everyone,
Many thanks for all the helpful information. Manage to use Open Office to get what I wanted.
:) :D :D :D