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Mid-Autumn Festival


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The Mid-Autumn Festival by the River is from 13th September to 30th September, 2007.


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Welcome to the forum Ricoh55, the artist is from China entertaining the small
crowd at Clarke Quay. I was amazed at what he and his companion did last night
with the vases which were of at least three different sizes. Will pose more pictures
of them soon.

Anyway, the bridge across the river was lighted up with this lattern.


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The performance was almost perfect as long as they don't drop the vases.
The difference can be seen with one performer being taller than the other.
Which one is taller, the one on the left or the one on the right?


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A 14 member chinese orchestra using mainly chinese musical instruments.
The players are comprised of elderly musicians age 40 to 60 years old.


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Along the Singapore River you can see these colourful latterns which are specially
designed for this year festival.


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Very nice..very colorful. I like these paper lanterns. I don't now why, but they remind me snow..winter..Christmas.. ;)
Wow talking about Christmas, it's round the corner though and living here in the tropics
I have not much experience with snow. We don't have snow here, not even the four seasons
only monsoon rain and hot and humid throughout the year. More rain for the next few
months. Will show you how the streets are decorated in November.

Well, in the meantime the Autumn Festival along the Singapore River does pull in the
crowd in the evening. On the opposite side of the river people were screaming from the air
when they were up on the swing.


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