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Low cost Battery for GRD/GX100

I've bought 'Sido' branded batteries from Hong Kong based eBay sellers for both my R6, and GRd. Both were two batteries for under £10 ukp including postage. They've proved to be excellent, with good life and no problems.
Leaves me wondering why Ricoh, in common with other camera manufacturers, charge so much for own brand batteries?

On ebay, I bought two no name batteries for total 15 EUR incl. shipping cost. Work perfectly and they have 1500 mAh capacity instead of the original 1150 mAh.
The problem with no-name batteries (especially the batteries with higher declared capacity than the original) is that they often dies very quickly. Sure, I'm also using the no-name replacement batteries ;) But from my own experience, none of them last as long as the original batteries.
I dont trust in no-name batteries (especially no-name made in china)! The problem mentioned by odklizec is a fact but in this particular case we are talking about Lithium Ion Tec., one of the most powerfull battery tec. in the market .... if something fails during the charge they will heat and maybe blow up !
GX100 battery (DB60) is identical to the one used for Panasonic FX01 and probably other similar panasonics. Even the chargers are identical apart from the labels. So my FX01 spare battery is now my GX100 spare. Total cost: £0. (I notice though that the Caplio R series changed battery from the R6 onwards, but the R5 and earlier use the DB60.)