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living with giants

I like the appearance of the boy from this post so I thought about cropping him out of the photo.

I also tried 1:1 crop, which my honey likes better than the above crop. I'm not sure. Why do you think?

Both are 100% crops from DNG processed with Silkypix.


  • R0012492_dng_cr2.jpg
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  • R0012492_dng_cr.jpg
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I think I'll go along with the square crop... somehow a little more appealing. Not that there's much between the two - both are nice. I think I first saw this crop over at dpreview, and I finally joined here (after a couple of weeks of lurking) so I could comment on it :)
Hi and welcome here kaigr64! You are probably right. The more I look on the square crop, the more I like it. It's probably the image on the boy's shirt, which is somewhat disturbing on the first crop. Thanks for you comment!
My pleasure, and thanks for the welcome. You can add me to the list of Red Dwarf fans, by the way!