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Lens distortion correction


New Member
Ok, I've had my GX100 up and running for a couple of days now - and, though the lens is very good, it's not quite as good as the lenses I have for my dSLR when it comes to distortion. This isn't a Ricoh criticism: straight lines tend to figure quite heavily in my images so I'm probably less tolerant of distortion than most. But I found a solution this evening in LensFixCI (for Mac) or PTLens (for Windows). You can correct lens distortion in Photoshop but I've always found it a bit of a hit and miss affair as you need to visually judge what's correct. These two applications take the guesswork completely out of it, as they share a massive lens database of loads of lenses that they've meticulously mapped. Photoshop - or the standalone application - reads the EXIF data, plugs the lens and focal length, and corrects accordingly. There's a batch processing function too so you can zip entire folders through. Effortless. Free trial versions of both up for grabs so try it for yourself: