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learn to fly..

I took these pics on the way from work. All RAW processed in Silkypix. They look completely different from out-of-camera JPEGs, but I have to say much better ;)


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I love the colours in these photos.
Could you post the JPegs out of the camera? I have not yet used the RAW on my camera, and would be interested to see just how different they are!

Thanks for your comments Fuller! Well, the JPEGs are quite different ;) See the attached unmodified (just scaled down) JPEGs.

Bear in mind that JPEGs can be processed more or less in the same way as RAW files (in terms of colors and contrast). The main difference is in the level of details provided by RAW files (zero noise reduction=maximum details=better croppable/resizable), slightly higher dynamic range and better starting point for editing. You know, the unmodified RAW file is better processable than an already processed JPEG file (noise reduction, contrast and color adjustments, chromatic aberration processing, JPEG compression artifacts, etc...).


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cool, thank for that very interesting! seems to me (with my rather untrained eye) that yours are are actually noisier yet it still seems to work better!

also, what you were saying about the advantages of raw, leads me to a question about a very specific situation! I'm going on safari in africa soon, which is obviously going to be an amazing photo taking oppurtunity. Though I'm probably going to struggle a little with the GX100 only having 3x zoom, as the animals will prob be quite a way away! I'm hoping to get a lens to boost up to 6x but even then I can see my self doing a lot of cropping to get sensible sized photos. Would using raw mode effectively make those crops come out better and/or clearer then? or have I slightly mis-understood the point?!

Definitely. I would use RAW all the time. Although the GX100 JPEGs are less damaged by noise reduction (compared to GRDII JPEGs), RAW will give you a bit more resolution and higher dynamic range. Unfortunately, GX100 is probably not the best camera for shooting wildlife animals. But you should be able to get perfect landscapes with it. So take it as an advantage and focus your interest in this way instead of hunting for close up photos of lions ;)

As for my photos, yes, they are noisier. But this is intentional ;) I really think that the noise in sky helps the look of some kind of landscape shots. Noise makes the sky more dramatic. But of course, it's about personal taste. And I simply like noisier photos ;)
cool, i'll give the raws a go, of course theres the other problem that I wont be near a computer for about 2 weeks, and currently only have a 2gig memory card! but thats more easily solved!

yeah definately think your photos work better than the jpeg ones! nice one!