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LCD screen "lights up" grey when switched off


New Member

My GX100 has a problem or I think actually a firmware error:

There are 2 preconditions needed to make this happen as far as I can tell.

1. Having the grid view selected and saved as one of your ''my'' settings.

2. Having the screen turned off when you shut down the camera.

Result / Problem: A few seconds after start up, the screen 'lights up'.

This is my second GX100, I returned the first one because of this same issue, thinking it was a fault. The guys in the camera shop thought the same and replaced it right away. Hats off to Jacobs Digital in New Oxford street.

Now I am having the exactly same problem a few weeks later so I was trying to figure out what changed about my camera set up and I figured out the grid view was the thing I changed.

I discovered that If I remove the grid view setting from ''my'' setting then problem seems to go away.

Also, once you have entered this lit up grey screen state, if you hit your menu button, things go very very very weird.
- Feedback from the sensor is lost, so once you have turned the screen back on, you have a black, and on one occasion the menus came up overlayed on the live view on the LCD.

I posted up a message on one of the Flickr GX100 groups asking if anyone could replicate this issue and at least one user could which makes me think its software rather than machine error, anyone else have this issue?
Interesting. It's reproducible even in A mode. It looks like a FW bug. I will try to report this problem to Ricoh. Thanks for info!