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kids games..

This is another photo taken during a local photo club meeting (mentioned here)...

Taken with GRD+GT1, processed in Silkypix to give it this special "aged film" look.


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Wow Pavel, this one is very very nice. I like the special mood created by the tone and colours.
Thanks Skippy! I also like the hazy mood of this photo. It looks like an aged film photo. The silkypix was a big help here.
Thanks Grus! Yes, the aged look is something I really like on this photos. But it's not only this what makes this photo so intriguing. I was told by more experienced photographer that it's the overall composition. I have also another photo of this kid in very similar situation, but from completely different angle of view. And it's not even close to the "feel" of this photo.
He is totally unaware of you as he is scaling up some perilis mountain heights. Very nice.thanks for sharing.