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January 08 - theme "CELEBRATION"

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New month (year) new contest!

I think it's a good idea to start "New Year" with something festive, hence the CELEBRATION theme. I'm sure, many of you have some nice fireworks, Christmas, New Year or just family celebration shots. I hope to see as many nice photos as in last competition. ;) Good luck everyone!

You may post one photo right in reply to this post. Please, do not link them from other sites! Use the "Upload Attachment" instead.
Contest photo must be taken with Ricoh digital camera (whichever you use)!
The max size of the photo is limited to 1024x768 and the file must contain EXIF!
The deadline for posting contest photos is 31.1.2008 at 12PM forum time

Here you can learn how to upload the photos right in forum post...

The first place (chosen by forumers via contest poll early next month) will be awarded by software license according of winner's choice. For this month, we can provide these programs (kindly provided by Mediachance) - Dynamic Photo HDR, PhotoBrush, DCE AutoEnhance, Pure Image NR. And newly also PictureCode's NoiseNinja!
The day after Xmass a couple of families decided to take our celebration out to a Orotina river and pond (near the Costa Rican pacific coast). Hoya Infrared R72 filter on Ricoh GR Digital II. Its 1/2 a sec. lens wide open, iso 200. I learned not to trust the GRD2 distance scale when shooting IR... no matter how far away the object focused was the scale always indicated 30-90 cmts !


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Image made on New Year's Day with a Ricoh GX100.
Ricoh Caplio GX100, f2.5, 1 sec, ISO 80 -1.0 EV


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Took this pictures after the Ladies Day at Epsom Downs. This guy must've had a good day and made some money on the horses.


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Hello, Ricoh Friends!
Here in Japan the second Monday of January is Coming of Age Day (Seijin no hi). This national holiday is a celebration for those who have turned 20 during the past year, and it is customary for 20-year-old women to wear kimono (one of the few times most modern Japanese women will wear a kimono during their lifetime). Many visit shrines such as the famous Meiji Jingu, in Tokyo, where this photo was taken (with a GRD). This young lady cut a striking figure in her colorful kimono and was rapidly descended upon by a flock of camera toting ojisans (older men) and tourists. At this moment she appears to be looking for someone to rescue her (though, truth be told, as time went by she seemed to enjoy the attention). In any case, she handled the whole thing with much aplomb.
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