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Is anyone using the GR IIIx with the GW-4?


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I have seen in DPR that one can actually use the GW-4 converter with the IIIx and the system even recognises it and fixes the metadata to account for the wider lens.
I was curious to see if any among you has been using it this way and whether you find it useful or a bit of a waste of time.
I guess in an ideal world having a GR III would work better, but the cost of the conversion lens is less than a third of the price of a GR III.
Great idea.

I have that combination. I will make some time this weekend to make some images and post here with some of the metadata.
It will be an interesting test and could end up a solution for some.
Sorry for the late reply on this.

I did get a chance to put the GW-4 onto the GR IIIx via the adapter that the GR IIIx needs.
Of course the other adapter for the GR III does not work and is different.

The camera does recognize the lens and and reports it as a 30mm equivalent which agrees with what I saw when viewing from the same position with a GR III.
The image playback show a 30mm WIDE lens attached, circled in RED

Sorry about the crap quality image of the screen


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