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Internal memory


New Member
My dilemma is that I started a local photo trip, took 170 shots and then discovered there was no card in the GR. Major oops. Manual says IM’s volume is 2 Gb, surely 170 images at maximum JPEG resolution need more space? And yet they do exist and can be viewed on the rear screen.
I am hoping when back home those 170 can be downloaded into a PC.
And I hesitated putting a card into the GR in case this compromised the 170 by over-writing.
How lucky to have a faithful Fuji back-up body with 15-60 zoom (my earlier travel cam)…have any forum members made this mistake and lived through it?
Do you have a free SD card with you? You can copy all images and videos on that card

Insert your empty card into the Ricoh Gr3x. You should probably format first the card (not the internal memory!)

On page 98 of the Ricoh GR3x manual (German version, I translate it roughly) it is written:

1. Go to menu and choose [copy images]
2. Select [do it] and press then on "ok"

Now all images and photos will be copied to the SD card.

Do not worry, according to the manual, it is not possible to copy the other way around. So you can not delete your images by accident with this copy functionality.
Thanks for your help, advice appreciated.
Shooting Fuji with zoom all day, honestly better than fixed lens IMO
honestly better than fixed lens IMO

That depends on your preferences, habits and the situation. There are situations, in which you need a zoom, because you do not have time to change lenses or cameras. But in general, I prefer always fixed focal lenghts, because this forces me to think about how I want to mkae that shot. With a zoom, I become immediately lazy and do not move as much anymore to find the best angle of view and perspective Z04 Photos
Safely got the internal memory pictures into the hard drive, phew….many thanks for advice in solving my silly mistake.
As for tele possibility, agreed that moving closer a better solution but, I’m sure you will agree there are times when doing that is just is not possible.