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interactive Christmas tree decoration

This is a bit late report, but I just processed these photos and I think the story behind them is really funny ;)

Just few day before discarding our Christmas tree, we got surprising and really unexpected visitors. It seems our natural cut tree has been chosen by a spider mother to give birth to her children. The cocoon with small spiders must be hidden there long time before Christmas and the spiders probably started to grown because of warm temperature in living room. I'm sure, that if the tree wouldn't be cut for Christmas, the spiders would not be born before the Spring.

You can imagine my surprise when I was about to turn the tree lights off and my hand was coated with something gluey. I examined it closely and found that one quarter of the tree is covered by a soft spider net, made by one hundred or more tiny spiders! And I was pretty sure the spiders were not there yesterday! I had woke my girlfriend (it was 1:40AM) to let her see our unexpected visitors. She almost jumped out of the window when properly focused on what I was pointing at :D But after some time she was even able to go closer and examine all these fast moving "decorations".

Taken with GRDII at f2.4 1/30 ISO200-280.

This last one taken with GX100 at f2.5 1/30 ISO200.


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