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Infrared with Ricoh GRD 2


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Now when the light is back here in Sweden I thought of doing some attempts with infrared light and Ricoh GRD2. I was curious how to focus since IR light focuses differently than visible light. But this was not a problem. GRD2's autofocus handled that very fine. Furthermore it measured the light correctly. This makes it a lot easier to shoot infrared images than before using film as finding the right exposure could be a problem.

Images shot with Ricoh GRD2 through a completely black IR-filter.


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Nice effect in your pictures! Now I'm really thinking off getting one of those filters aswell.

Because you have been messing with filters maybe you could help with some of my questions posted in an earlier thread:
Hi bkopps and welcome on board! All these photos were taken with IR filter attached on camera. All you need is some kind of IR filter, more or less IR sensitive camera and some time and patience. A very good article about IR photography can be found here:
There are several nice IR photos around this forum, made by Ricoh users.