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I think I need an R7,,,or maybe an R6 ???


New Member
I have a GRD and love it, probably the best camera I've owned. But I want a fine built zoom lense camera, with proven IQ (this based on previous R series cameras) that will slip into a pocket. Was considering the GX100 but it's almost what I have now and I want more zoom, and thought about the Canon G9 but figured I'd stick with Ricoh as they seem to be working hard to provide a quality product, and I want to support that effort.
Oh boy, I've been doing some reading and am learning the R6 is a capable camera. This would be a nice compliment to my GRD. And PopFlash has them on sale for $297 and include a lowepro case, extra battery, 1GB SD card and free shipping in the US.....
my R6 has become my most used camera and constant companion. even my grd sits home most of the time. and not wanting to be without the R6 in the event of a breakdown, am in the process of getting an R7..... now i should be good to go till the R8 comes out ;)