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Hopefully, I will soon have a Purple Ring.


Hello Chaps,
I have been faithfully adding the hash tag #shootGR_London to my Instagram posts on @kennikins; @kennikinscoloursofthestreet and @kennikinsstreetmafiastreet.
So what you might ask?
See below pic, I have been invited to a Ricoh function and apparently can choose a free gift of a limited edition strap or a limited edition purple ring for my X along with a presentation, lunch and a photo walk.
You can also join in by adding the #shootGR_”your city” to your posts….picked up the tip in a Samuel street life video about GRiii shooters event in Berlin.So if any one interested go for it, you could become the proud owner of a rare purple ring! What more could you ask for. Will post some pics of the event if it goes ahead as planned.