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hooded man on stairs

I took this picture without looking at LCD, just with camera hanging on my wrist. I was pleasantly surprised about the result. It required only about 1-2 degrees of correction. So I added some contrast, a bit of corner shading to gave it more dramatic look and here it is..

ISO183 (AutoISO), 1/32, f3.2, -0.3EV, DNG -> Silkypix


  • R0012718_dng.jpg
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I like this picture. It looks not only dramatic, but also like a mystery. What is he looking for. Is he waiting for someone, or is he just leaving. Is he a "good guy" or a "bad guy". If he's a bad guy (he looks like that), what is he doing outside what looks like a theater.

And the lines (not that I know anything much about lines, but anyway...) seam to all lead to him. The edges of the stairs, the edges in the ceiling, the handrail, and then they take off in the same direction he is looking, to something distant we can't see.

Cool image.
Thanks for comment Tommy! Well, because the stairs leading to church, I expect he should be the "good" guy? But one may never know ;)

I like the lines too! The picture of guy on stairs is nothing special. But it seem that the composition, simple colors and lines works very well together? I'm usually not very sure about many of my pics. But I definitely like this one.