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high key self portraits


New Member
to do this i: dailed in +2 ev stood in front of a mirror and shot about 10 pix at different focal lenths, adjusted only the brightness,contrast and gamma untill i got a(imho) nice x-processed look with blown high lights, then i flipped the image around so the writing on my GX was the right way round....thats it....simple and it took me less than 10 mins from turning on the cam till i had the pix i wanted.....i don't know about you guys but i really like them...there are more on my flickr page....let me know what you think!


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thx....i think i'm getting drawn into cross processing.....i love the blown high lights and abstract colours....when i had my old slr for 10 years i think i only used 2 films for ive gone digital i think ive tried 100+ shots in about 6 months, we have more control over digital than film...the results are more or less instant