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Hi from Mission BC


New Member
For travel I got a IIIx to complement my Fujis, but added a view finder (Sigma VF11, expensive but worth it). It allows a picture preview before switching on, a good battery saver, accurate and tiny. A trip to North Vietnam proved its worth but I find myself adding a Fuji just in case.
Hi David,

Welcome to GRUF

Do you frame also the picture with the Sigma VF11 for the shot or do you use it only for "scouting" a potential image
I do both. When bright sunlight makes the rear screen’s subject hard to distinguish, and also when scouting, so either method is valid. And I find the Sigma’s accuracy very good.

As an aside, it would make the GR a much better travel camera if a slide-on accessory lens for tele shots was available. I’m sure there have been forum comments.