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HDR with GRD


New Member
I am unable to search the DPReview forums for GRD specific HDR examples and processes, so if ever anybody can 'document' the HDR process using a Ricoh GRD, I'd very much like to see how it's done. I've done the Google search for HDR in general and GRD added, as well, but I have yet to be able to find what I need. I've played with the various exposure settings (+/- 2 , right?) and appropriate software, but I haven't been able to achieve that 'graphic-art' look I really like about HDR images. Oh yeah, if it matters, I prefer Mac OS X based solutions, but got Windows XP too under Parallels, so there.

There is a recent discussion about GX100 HDR. I believe, the described procedure is well usable also for GRD. You can see it here.. ... e=24335763

As for the HDR SW, I would suggest you to try the Mediachance's Dynamic Photo HDR (and it's not because I work for them ;) ). But it's really good and I use it also for non-HDR editing. It can process also single image. There will be soon review at PopPhoto, but from what I heard, they rally like it! There are some discussions about it at their HDR forum..

Some examples can be found here..