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GX100 Master Reset (aka Initialize Settings)

In case of persisting problems with GX100, you may try the camera Master Reset procedure (as a last option before sending the camera to service). It's good also if you want to reset the camera file numbering.

The procedure was kindly mentioned by Noel aka DuckMcF at DPReview Ricoh forum, to whom it was told by Ricoh support. Here is the email from Ricoh..
Hi Noel,
First a warning:

The procedure explained below to "initialize settings" will not only clear the sequential numbering, but also the 'Error Table' of the camera. All errors of the camera (including intermittent ones) are stored in this table for analysis by the service department when the camera requires repair service. Resetting this table makes the task of determining previous intermittent faults more difficult, if not impossible. However, as the table gets filled again with new errors as they happen, it should be okay if you do not presently have any trouble with your camera. However, as this is a service department procedure, and you use it entirely at your own risk. When working with the camera's internal memory there is always a risk that it can get corrupted, rendering the camera unuseable. It may then require a replacment main board (a chargeable repair).

Procedure to Initialize Settings :

This is a service department procedure, and you use it entirely at your own risk.
Turn off camera,
Set function dial to Movie.

While pressing the Delete button, press the Playback button on rear of camera, keeping both buttons down for about 4 secs.
The monitor screen will display: "Initialize the Setting"
Select "Yes" and hit "OK".
The camera will turn off after its initialization.

The internal setting would be cleared, and sequential numbering will start from 0001>
Thanks and regards,
Source of knowledge:

I'm sure, the similar procedure is available also for GRD, but the key presses will be most probably different (already confirmed that the GX100 reset procedure doesn't work for GRD).